About these pages

Buf.no is designed and hard-coded by Øyvind Olsholt. However, I hasten to add that along the way I have acquired invaluable help and support from the many ICT-groups existing in the Norwegian Usenet hierarchy. We recommend everyone to take more use of this marvellous medium for open exchange of experience and knowledge.

Many so-called "web designers" today rely entirely on WYSIWYG-applications like Dreamweaver to construct and maintain their web sites. In the creation of Buf.no, however, we have used no other software tool than the simple, yet brilliant text editing programme TextPad. Because of this we now have total control over the generated code and it is also much easier to make the pages validate with internationally accepted standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium.

All pages are written in the markup language XHTML 1.1, and we have made extensive use of CSS for design. This means that we go for a semantic web, i.e. all design solutions (colours, formating, box elements etc.) are separated from the logical (semantic) structure of each document. This contributes to an easily maintainable site but also, almost just as important, to a higher page ranking with search engines like Google and Yahoo.

We are very pleased to see that what started as a rather lofty web experiment towards the end of the 1990s has now grown to become Norway's biggest, and in fact only, dedicated web site for philosophy with children.

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