After-school activities for children

Children and Youth Philosophers offer a variety of philosophical activities to children and youth in Norway. The basis is the CYP Philosophy Club: after-school dialogue groups for children and youth in the Oslo area. We also arrange philosophy camps, week-end seminars and (later on) day courses for adults/parents.

CYP Philosophy Club

Since 2004 we have arranged weekly/monthly philosophy club for kids in the age groups 7-9 and 10-13. Each session lasts for approx. 90 minutes. Parents pay per six months and we have also received private funding. We write "minutes" from each session, and these are published on our web (sorry, only Norwegian). The main reason for writing minutes is that parents do read them and sometimes use them to continue the discussions with their children at home. From Autumn 2006 onwards we invite parents to listen in on the sessions, and we also offer individual consultations with children.

Philosophical summer camps

Besides the Philosophy Club we arrange philosophy summer camps for children aged 8-12. Here we combine philosophical communities with artistic expressions: story telling, painting, drama, music etc. Sometimes we invite artists to do workshops with the children. The camps last for four days and we have a limit of 15 participants (due to accomodation facilities and because we don't want too large groups on these events). From each camp we write comprehensive and detailed reports, also freely available on the net (yes, only in Norwegian). See links below. We also arrange shorter week-end seminars based on the same concept: the merging of philosophical practice and practice of art.


Here are some links to the activities mentioned above. Regrettably all of them point to Norwegian language pages only, but still you'll be able to view some pictures here and there, and you'll get a general idea of how, and to what extent, we document our work. Please let us know if you want to have more information about some particular project mentioned here.

Please contact us if you want more information or have questions.

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