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The Driver and the Drunken Peasant
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Emne: The Driver and the Drunken Peasant
Yours truly has committed an article dealing with the philosophical views of Mr. Oscar Brenifier, the French philosopher who is becoming more and more famous world-wide for his very Socratic take on philosophical practise, be it with adults or children. Here is how the article starts:

On the very last day of the workshop The art of questioning held at La Chapelle St André July 7-13, 2008—a drowsy and picturesque village in the midst of Burgundy—the master mind, the chief questioner, the great manipulator and anti-democrat, the ever-bantering paper tiger, the self-appointed executioner, the French-Algerian Bodhisattva Oscar Brenifier expressed his usual wish to put himself under the knife, that is to say, he asked if one of the participants would like to facilitate a philosophical consultation with him as the subject. He had had consultations with us every evening for the last week, so it seemed right to change hats on the last day. There was some hesitation at first, which is typical whenever Oscar issues one of his “friendly requests,” but then a woman volunteered for the job. Following another request from Oscar she picked one of the other participants as her co-questioner or coach.

Read the article “The Driver and the Drunken Peasant”
Retention of strangeness is the only antidote to estrangement. T. W. Adorno
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